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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The search for a blush, and smelling like chocolates??

I stumbled across this on the boots website this evening, whilst searching for blushers..
Ok so I don't use bronzer, and possibly never will as it makes me think of bright orange sparkly chavs using it incorrectly, but WHAT?? Chocolate scented bronzer?? Surely it just makes random dogs in the street want to lick you (and menstruating women in desperate need of chocolate) I really must get past my phobia of bronzers! You don't have to look like the cast of TOWIE when you use it, I just grew up in a town fullof people who apparently weren't aware of that, or had bad lighting at their make up tables... or were just unnaturally heavy-handed with products! *sigh* Anyway...

This isn't a new product I don't think, just new to ME. Apparently, upon Googling, there is also a highlighting powder, which is something I might use, but I'm not sure a chocolate fragrance would just interfere with my perfume. I find it a thoroughly odd idea and I'm not really sure why they thought of it...

This post is brought to you because I haven't been arsed to post a proper one for awhile and I felt bad... also this product both amused and baffled me! A friend has since informed me that " It doesn't smell that chocolatey and is a really good bronzer for pale skin." (direct quote) which is good news and as I go to post this it's only £4.99 on the Boots website (and possibly in store too but I can't guarantee that)

I'm searching for a blusher to try still. I've never really worn blush, being of the slightly Goffick persuasion, and very pale I saw of embraced my paleness, and it's only recently dawned on me that blusher doesn't have to make you look like somebody's crazed great aunt with big, obvious bright smears up your cheeks, and a lot of the great make-up looks I admire actually use blush, just properly and subtly and the right shade! 

So, with that in mind, I thought it was time to take the plunge and buy one when I next have free cash. My gut instinct is to go with MAC because I know and love them, and the Tres Cheek collection out right now is fabulous (check it out if you haven't already, there are some lovely shades in a buildable, blendable formula) but then it's My First Blush and I am poor, so I wondered if I should try a cheap brand just to check I like how I look with blush first, and the Barry M ones seem quite popular amongst the blogs, AND I can use my Boots Advantage Card points to buy one and not spend ANY real money! YAY! Of course, I could always get that chocolate powder by Bourjois with Boots points too... if I wanted to!
Does anybody have a blush they'd recommend to an NC15 skinned, blush n00b? I'd like NARS Orgasm in the future as I've heard excellent things about it, and of course, MAC! Oh MAC, so many MAC shades I like. I've also read that crème formulas are best for blending to get a subtle finish, which is the opposite of what I would have guessed! In the short term, I'm leaning towards Barry M or perhaps good ol' No 7. Let me know any advice you have for me on the blush front. I'd love some feedback!

This is the Barry M one I'm liking the look of. Pink Orchid:


  1. I'm an NC15 and I use a Topshop cream blush in 'Flush' and a bourjois one in rose d'or.
    I really want to try this bronzer

    1. Your Bourjois blush doesn't smell of chocolate too does it? :D I've just realised I've spent all evening browsing the blush section on the Boots site and being indecisive.

      Well there's been some positive feedback from others about the bronzer, so maybe you should give it a go if you like their blusher? I've only ever used mascara by Bourjois- the Coup de Theatre one- it was very good.

      I don't go in Topshop anymore... I think I'm too old, people look at me funny *blush* Ohh! there's my answer- it made me blush- no need for blusher after all! Heh.

      If you do try the bronzer, report back to me about it please! :D

  2. I love blush, it makes me look more awake and brightens my face. My first choice for Blush is Nars, but the MAC Blushcreme now called Creme blend blush in Brit Wit would be great on you.


    1. Ooh I've seen that one online, but not in person. Thanks Jennie Wren! <3

      I have been experimenting with my pink MAC pigments. They are multi-use not just eyeshadows after all! I've found if I blend Cool Pink or Pink Matte a lot it looks quite good actually.