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Monday, 8 July 2013

"xsparkEge" not xsparkage.

I am sick of assholes. Assholes who fuck their way through life, fucking others. 

I mean, I just had an email from some scammer telling me I won a comp I entered on Youtube for XSparkage. I noticed (and so did McAfee) that it wasn't genuine and was actually from "XSparkege" and my heart sank. I thought karma had finally dealt me a good hand and said "Hey Faerie, you put up with a lot of crap, and I know it's been really tough for you lately, so I thought it was time for some good shit to even out the balance" But it was some greedy asshole, playing off people's emotions.

I don't feel too bad for me (well a little) but I feel awful for the younger viewers watching who may be naive and just click and enter details and think they really have won.  IF YOU HAVE A MESSAGE FROM THAT USER YOU HAVE NOT WON. The giveaway is not over early- that's a lie. When it finishes, she will EMAIL the winner.

I feel the most awful for Leesha herself. She's a good person (as far as you can judge someone over the internet) and she was one of the first YT make-up gurus I ever followed. The whole make-up online community is strained right now because we're all worried about Talia Joy and her family right now. She's the bravest little make-up guru and Covergirl ever.

I'm angry. Why are there so many dicks in the world trying fuck everything up for good people. I want Leesha to know that it's not her fault even though she feels awful right now. It's some opportunistic asshole trying to scam the good natured beauty/make-up community. *angry Faerie*. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry. ROOOAAAAAR!!!