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Monday, 30 April 2012

MAC's new collections for May 2012

Mac Lovers in the UK listen up! Check out ! They have Hey Sailor, Fashion Tips and Reel Sexy up NOW! *dance*

I'm sulking because I wanted Pink Nouveau Lipglass over here. MEH! I knew it was Latin America and Asia only, but I can still sulk!

What are you lot eyeing up? I'm passing on Hey Sailor I think. Nothing leaps out at me except for maybe the Emerald Sea PowerPoint eye pencil. For Reel Sexy I'm after Heroine lipstick and perhaps the magenta blush. Fashion Sets may also be a pass for me unless I can get a friend abroad to get me the Pink Nouveau lipglass!

It's just as well I'm not too excited about this lots to be honest, as I need some pennies for some of the upcoming things I've see snippets of I think!

What's the general opinion about these collections then? Are you passing or buying?

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