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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rainbow eyes, FOTD

Want to see a make up look I did the other day? Well tough you have to see it or click somewhere else, it's my blog! Stupid me forgot to note down everything I used.. but I wasn't making this specifically for a blog post, I was just going out to the cinema (to see the Hunger Games, see last post!) and it turned out to be something I really liked so I quickly snapped photos on my phone before I went out.

The only products I can guarantee I used were my lips were MAC Pink Nouveau with MAC Shush! Tendertone over (I took them in my handbag for touch ups, so I know that for sure!) and my eyeliner was Rimmel black liquid liner. I could take a stab at the colours on my eyes, but I used so many and didn't write it down anywhere. There's definitely MAC eyeshadows in Bitter and Chrome Yellow and the pink at the outer corner is Rose pigment, and the purple in the mid crease is Violet pigment, and the palest blue is Mutiny pigment, and I highlighted with MAC Pure White pigment on the brow bone (ooh I actually remembered a lot there) but the other shades I'm not too sure on!

Obligatory shot with unusual frame, off camera eyes and a bad view of everything! Booyah!
Oh yeah, I wear glasses normally. I'm blind as a bat without them (minus 6.5ish I think, one eye is better than the other) and I don't get on with contact lenses.. don't ask. I normally take glasses off for make up shots, but sometimes I take shots with them on! I think this is the first time on this blog though. My hair was purple like my glasses but it's faded a lot :( Though the shade it is now matches Pink Nouveau lipstick perfectly.

Eyes closed
Eyes open

Close up of closed eyes. Oooh Cinema film frame! See what I did there?

This last photo is DIRE. Up nose shot and you can see where I'd had a spot next to my nose, but sadly this is the best shot of all I took that shows the colours true and clear. Please don't laugh... I ran out of concealer and foundation and powder were just making it look horrible, so it's not got anything much covering it really. I don't like caking spots in make up if I can help it anyway as it only makes them last longer... any free donations of concealer would be gratefully received until I can afford to get some from MAC. (Why don'[t they let you back2MAC for other things than lipsticks? I have enough for 2 lippies now I think, but I don't NEED lipsticks, I need concealer and powder!)

By the way, the t-shirt I'm wearing here is from Think Geek. It's this one.

Just in case you all haven't noticed, I chose a groovy new background for this blog today from here. Woo! I might get off my arse and design myself a banner at some point.. maybe.

I'd also like to point out I have an email address for any queries relating to the blog here.

If you enjoy it here, (or hate it) I'd love some feedback, and please spread the word.. but only if you like it.. ;)


  1. I used to do something similar in the late 80s when was at my first job. The guy I shared an office with was amazed and asked how long it took me to do my makeup in the morning. Oh and have you tried ELF concealers? They do a palette with 4 shades in similar colours, I have one of those and then another with colour corrective ones and a couple of beige ones in. Quite impressed for the price.

    1. The only ELF thing I own is a cream eyeshadow I received in a swap on MUA and I've not used yet! They are very good prices on their site so if they are good as well as cheap, I will consider one! I think I could have done with a colour corrective one to fix the redness around my nose here. The spot had actually gone at this point and it was just still a bit raw around it and looked inflamed, so a perfect candidate for green concealer.

      I can't find that palette on the ELF site.. maybe it's just me! I'll keep looking... it looks recently updated.

      As for doing this look in the 80s, does this mean I'm cool now or something? ;) 80s and 90s have been coming back into fashion haven't they? Haha! This isn't the first time I've done a rainbow look, but I quite liked how this one came out :)

    2. Aha! It was in the "studio-face" section.