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Thursday, 19 April 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentlism (second part)

Oooh Illamasqua added more products to their Human Fundamentalism collection! Damn them and their unpronounceable name and very expensive products. I have actually PRACTISED saying their name as they say it on their videos as I previously thought it was Ill-llama-squar instead of Il-lum-ass-kah. 

I like the Eurydice lipstick they've just put on, but it might be because I like the name :D But Apocalips still wins. There's nothing else like that. If I had money, that's what I would buy from them! And their signature Sealing Gel... and the false lashes! If only it wasn't so expensive... but it IS quality and unique.

Check out the whole collection including the new bits added today here:

Yeah.. I want Apocalips. I REALLY do! The whole collection is just jaw dropping when you look at the promotional shots they've done. This is just one of their amazing looks here with Apocalips!

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