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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Adventures in Eyebrows

My recent "hobby" with my make-up has been experimenting with weird eyebrows. I don't know what started it, but I'm enjoying it! I'll show you some of my previous experiments in time, but for now you can have today's experiment!

I wanted to make it really weird and cybery and used lots of MAC Pure White Pigment and Sugarpill Tiara as a highlighter. 

My lips are MAC Quick Sizzle, from the MAC Shop collection (sold out on the website, but you may still catch it in store somewhere)

My face is covered in NYX Primer (it's good at light reflecting) then my normal MAC foundation to cover imperfections a bit, then I dusted MAC Pure White Pigment over lightly followed with Sugarpill loose Eyeshadow in Tiara as a majorly cybery highlighter.

My eyes have MAC pigment in Mutiny over them, then they're lined with Fyrinnae Biker Chic, and the same, Biker Chic blended into the crease. Up from the crease to the brow there is more of the Pure White pigment.

Brows are Mutiny at the very inner corners, then Electric Eel eye shadow, Bell Bottomed Blue, Full Force Violet, Magenta Madness and Cool Pink pigments.

I made my own mixing medium with water and glycerine (I have a couple of bottles just for this that I got from the baking section in the supermarket; mine are Silver Spoon brand) I don't store it mixed with water as my water won't be "pure" from the tap and would go icky over time, so I mix a bit at a time, as and when I need it, then discard the rest.

Lashes are half lashes from Boholash by Salon Systems in Rhapsody (bargain bin at Sallys...!) These ones:

What do you think? I think the Sugarpill Tiara could work as a more subtle highlighter if you didn't slap it on as much as I did, and would work for a more every day look. Obviously, these eyebrows are NOT an every day look! The inner corner of my brow made me feel a little Vulcan-y, though the outside edge is too soft for that, but maybe that is why I got drawn to making myself look a bit spacey. This is the first time I've used Quick Sizzle "properly" and I think it's not too bad on my skin tone (as much as you can see of it) I wasn't sure when I bought it.

More of my Adventures in Eyebrows will be here in the future, as well as other looks :)



    1. Oh hello Brittany (if that is your real name)! Thanks for your insightful and well thought out comment. I really appreciate the useful feedback coming from somebody I don't know at all! Yay for you!

      Don't you have anything better to do?

  2. Brittany, I cannot understand why you contradict yourself in a sentence. Firstly, ugly and witch (I'm presuming you meant to type "witch") really don't go together. One is a compliment, one is not. Secondly, if you are going to bandy about statements as you have done, I strongly suggest you log off now: then learn to type in correct English, learn correct spelling, punctuation and grammar....and then rejoin.

  3. Ugly is as ugly does, Brittany - you'd do well to remember that.

    Faerie, I applaud your eyebrows, and I love your lashes too... but most of all, I admire your calm response to the once-born above. You rock, lady! xx

    1. Thank you! Those lashes were such a good find in the bargain bin! The photos didn't pick it up well on this I don't think, but they have purple in them. This is such an old post, it's lovely to get such attention on something from four months ago! I've not been updating here though, I suppose.

  4. You want to know what's ugly Brittany??
    Your personality.

    1. Don't feed the troll :D I'm feeling very popular with all the hits here today!