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Friday, 20 April 2012

Kermit The Frog FOTD

Hi, Ho! Kermit the Frog here!

Yes you read that right. I have a Kermit The Frog themed face of the day! Hahah! It started out that I was just playing with the greens in my palette and it just looked SO Kermitty in the end!

I've actually experimented a little with using blush of sorts here, not sure if you can tell, but I've used MAC Cool Pink pigment on my cheeks here and blended it well with a large brush so it's less harsh. It just dawned on me that although I pretty much solely use the pigments as eye shadows they are supposed to be multi-purpose!

Trying to show the pigment as blush!
I started with a base or Urban Decay Primer Potion then MAC Lucky Jade shadestick over my entire lid and just underneath my eyes as a liner, then went over the entire lid with MAC Bitter eye shadow and a brush damp with water for a more intense colour.

I then used MAC Chrome Yellow eye shadow (dry), upwards from the crease and blended into the Bitter.

Then I took MAC eye shadow (dry again) in Swimming and swept it across the crease and outer corner and blended it.

Feeling wistful, MySpace-esque shot
Using a brush damp with water only, I used MAC pigment in Emerald as a liner.

To highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of my eye around the tearduct I used MAC pigment in Jardin Aires. and BLEEEENNND! (there's a lot of blending, I know!)

Then finished the eyes with black mascara and put MAC Tendertone in Shush! on my lips, and we're done! I should really complete this look by putting OPI Rainbow Connection on my fingernails!

What do you think of my "blush" and, of course, the insanely green eyes?


  1. Good description...i had to come over here and check it out too. mmm green :)

    OOO another idea that might work is throw some black OR white on your waterline to brighten or darken the eye so it all isnt GREEN...thats why you see mine with black eyeliner all the time to break up the look enough

    and I dont have cool pink but I like how it is so subtle but definitely there :) looks good on you

    1. Thanks! I knew you'd like the green-ness! Haha! I didn't keep this on long, but I think the Jardin Aires is the bit that doesn't quite work in it. I think something lighter would have been better to highlight, or, as you say, black liner rather than green! This is just too luminous green for an every day look I think. Using Bitter wet AND over Lucky Jade made it so bright and intense, it was a bit much.

      The Cool Pink works doesn't it? I think I'll try it again sometimes as it does add more warmth and depth to my face (even though it's a COOL pink!) I only have a sample jar so I won't be able to do it a lot sadly. Most of my pigments are teeny sample jars- I like to have lots of different colours in small amounts rather than full jars of just a couple of colours :D