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Friday, 6 April 2012


Sorry I've not been updating. I know the blog is still new anyway, so it's probably not missed much, but I've had a family emergency recently which has taken up a lot of time, energy and thought that may have been geared towards this blog otherwise :(

I'm afraid my brother has been very ill and has been in hospital for over a fortnight now. He's had brain surgery twice in that time, and although he was meant to come home a few days ago, they've kept him in because he's been a little ill and they want to be sure.

I'm sure you don't need this level of detail in a beauty blog, but I've had lots of post ideas in my mind, I've had some new products to review, and it's just not quite made it here yet. I'd like to get some of it up here soon, but I'm mentally exhausted at the moment, as you may imagine.

Sorry to any readers (all 7 of you subscribers!!) Normal service will be resumed shortly <3

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  1. Don't worry about us Faerie, just look after yourself x