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Monday, 30 April 2012

MAC's new collections for May 2012

Mac Lovers in the UK listen up! Check out ! They have Hey Sailor, Fashion Tips and Reel Sexy up NOW! *dance*

I'm sulking because I wanted Pink Nouveau Lipglass over here. MEH! I knew it was Latin America and Asia only, but I can still sulk!

What are you lot eyeing up? I'm passing on Hey Sailor I think. Nothing leaps out at me except for maybe the Emerald Sea PowerPoint eye pencil. For Reel Sexy I'm after Heroine lipstick and perhaps the magenta blush. Fashion Sets may also be a pass for me unless I can get a friend abroad to get me the Pink Nouveau lipglass!

It's just as well I'm not too excited about this lots to be honest, as I need some pennies for some of the upcoming things I've see snippets of I think!

What's the general opinion about these collections then? Are you passing or buying?

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Rainbow eyes, FOTD

Want to see a make up look I did the other day? Well tough you have to see it or click somewhere else, it's my blog! Stupid me forgot to note down everything I used.. but I wasn't making this specifically for a blog post, I was just going out to the cinema (to see the Hunger Games, see last post!) and it turned out to be something I really liked so I quickly snapped photos on my phone before I went out.

The only products I can guarantee I used were my lips were MAC Pink Nouveau with MAC Shush! Tendertone over (I took them in my handbag for touch ups, so I know that for sure!) and my eyeliner was Rimmel black liquid liner. I could take a stab at the colours on my eyes, but I used so many and didn't write it down anywhere. There's definitely MAC eyeshadows in Bitter and Chrome Yellow and the pink at the outer corner is Rose pigment, and the purple in the mid crease is Violet pigment, and the palest blue is Mutiny pigment, and I highlighted with MAC Pure White pigment on the brow bone (ooh I actually remembered a lot there) but the other shades I'm not too sure on!

Obligatory shot with unusual frame, off camera eyes and a bad view of everything! Booyah!
Oh yeah, I wear glasses normally. I'm blind as a bat without them (minus 6.5ish I think, one eye is better than the other) and I don't get on with contact lenses.. don't ask. I normally take glasses off for make up shots, but sometimes I take shots with them on! I think this is the first time on this blog though. My hair was purple like my glasses but it's faded a lot :( Though the shade it is now matches Pink Nouveau lipstick perfectly.

Eyes closed
Eyes open

Close up of closed eyes. Oooh Cinema film frame! See what I did there?

This last photo is DIRE. Up nose shot and you can see where I'd had a spot next to my nose, but sadly this is the best shot of all I took that shows the colours true and clear. Please don't laugh... I ran out of concealer and foundation and powder were just making it look horrible, so it's not got anything much covering it really. I don't like caking spots in make up if I can help it anyway as it only makes them last longer... any free donations of concealer would be gratefully received until I can afford to get some from MAC. (Why don'[t they let you back2MAC for other things than lipsticks? I have enough for 2 lippies now I think, but I don't NEED lipsticks, I need concealer and powder!)

By the way, the t-shirt I'm wearing here is from Think Geek. It's this one.

Just in case you all haven't noticed, I chose a groovy new background for this blog today from here. Woo! I might get off my arse and design myself a banner at some point.. maybe.

I'd also like to point out I have an email address for any queries relating to the blog here.

If you enjoy it here, (or hate it) I'd love some feedback, and please spread the word.. but only if you like it.. ;)

Sunday, 22 April 2012

The Hunger Games. Wow.

Bzzz! (Fifth Element)
I saw The Hunger Games last night and just wow. Wow. I could hardly say much more! My husband said it was "good but not amazing" but I think the reason I was more impressed was the styling and the make-up of the people of The Capitol in contrast with the Districts. I felt the Capitol's style was a little like The Fifth Element with the bright colours and wacky styles and fabulous wigs! My Mother-in-Law said it was "the Truman Show meets Rambo" which I think was also pretty apt, but doesn't involve so many pretty Jean Paul Gautier designs...
Sky Waitresses (Fifth Element)

Effie Trinket
I wouldn't normally post about a film in a beauty blog, and I'm not an overly movie-loving person, not like my husband who will watch as many films as he can in a day.. I'm picky with my films... but The Hunger Games had such a strong sense of style in it, I felt it NEEDED to be mentioned! I've seen several other bloggers doing their own "Effie Trinket" styles and general Capitol styles, and I can now see why, and will probably be jumping on the bandwagon too, as I came home with my head literally buzzing with ideas for make-up looks!

Effie Trinket alone is an amazingly inspirational character, visually speaking at least! See the photo to the right here:

Curly wig, pink all around her eye area, lilac lips, and all so well colour coordinated!

I thought that was a strong theme in  all the residents of  The Capitol- they all had strong colour coordination, bold bright colours and matching accessories. Just look at Caesar Flickerman with his blue hair and blue brows (left)! Next time I dye my hair blue, I'll have to do my eyebrows as well...  And this woman in pink on the right here! See what I mean by coordination?? Amazing.

I have to mention Lenny Kravitz as Cinna with amazing gold eyeliner! He gets a *special* mention because he's also so pretty. I believe this was  Make-Up Forever, Metal Powder #1 Sunflower Gold  that they actually used. It made me think of Illamasqua for some reason. Do they have a good gold eyeliner or something? I don't know why, but it comes to mind for some reason! *Googles* Yes! Precision Ink in Alchemy. I'm not going totally mad! 

Finally the beard on Seneca Crane. Imagine having to maintain that daily! I tried to convince my husband that it would look good, but he has a vast beard, and that's because he's too lazy to shave at all so if shaving in a simple way is too much, no way in hell would he do this. I don't blame him too be honest, but it's actually really hot imho. I think it's a fashion I'd be very happy about if it took off. I'd love seeing guys with a well trimmed, intricately shaped beard. I love it!

I've not even scratched the surface on everything that I enjoyed in the styling of this film. I could go on and on about it. When I've got it on Blu-Ray at home and I can pause it and inspect the whole crowd at the games I'll be very happy. None of this amazing styling would have been achieved without Ve Neill as the make-up designer behind the film. She's clearly incredibly talented, and I take my hat off to her. When you know that she did the make-up on Edward Scissorhands and Johnny Depp's smokey eyes on Pirates of the Caribbean amongst other things, you know she must be a lady of skill!

I will definitely be coming back with a Hunger Games inspired look. It has to be done; it would be rude not to. I had t resist the temptation to start playing with make-up at 11.30pm last night when we got home from the cinema in fact..

In the mean time, have a look here at a website of "Capitol Couture" :

“Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favour!”

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot to mention the China Glaze Capitol Colours collection! ARGH! I'm huge nail polish junkie, and China Glaze is quite possibly my favourite brand, so I don't know how I forgot it! OUT NOW!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Kermit The Frog FOTD

Hi, Ho! Kermit the Frog here!

Yes you read that right. I have a Kermit The Frog themed face of the day! Hahah! It started out that I was just playing with the greens in my palette and it just looked SO Kermitty in the end!

I've actually experimented a little with using blush of sorts here, not sure if you can tell, but I've used MAC Cool Pink pigment on my cheeks here and blended it well with a large brush so it's less harsh. It just dawned on me that although I pretty much solely use the pigments as eye shadows they are supposed to be multi-purpose!

Trying to show the pigment as blush!
I started with a base or Urban Decay Primer Potion then MAC Lucky Jade shadestick over my entire lid and just underneath my eyes as a liner, then went over the entire lid with MAC Bitter eye shadow and a brush damp with water for a more intense colour.

I then used MAC Chrome Yellow eye shadow (dry), upwards from the crease and blended into the Bitter.

Then I took MAC eye shadow (dry again) in Swimming and swept it across the crease and outer corner and blended it.

Feeling wistful, MySpace-esque shot
Using a brush damp with water only, I used MAC pigment in Emerald as a liner.

To highlight the brow bone and the inner corner of my eye around the tearduct I used MAC pigment in Jardin Aires. and BLEEEENNND! (there's a lot of blending, I know!)

Then finished the eyes with black mascara and put MAC Tendertone in Shush! on my lips, and we're done! I should really complete this look by putting OPI Rainbow Connection on my fingernails!

What do you think of my "blush" and, of course, the insanely green eyes?

Carine Roitfeld for M·A·C

I don't know if this is common knowledge yet, but this just popped up on my Facebook feed:

Irreverent and a living image of provocative fashion – Carine Roitfeld. M·A·C announces our collaboration with the fashion visionary and muse, editor and image-maker. M·A·C partnered with Carine on every aspect – from the chic shades and Good Luck Star to the packaging and the tools to achieve her signature look – nude lip, bold brow, and the smoky eye elevated to a new art form. Photographed by Mario Sorrenti. Debuts this Fall.

I've read elsewhere that it's going to be a 20 piece line, but I don't know much else about it...

Thoughts? I can't help but think there should be brow related products in the line like brow gel or brow pencils, as her eyebrows seem to be pretty key to her look really! Other than that it's hinted toward smokey, dark, bold and gothic eyes. Good in my book!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentlism (second part)

Oooh Illamasqua added more products to their Human Fundamentalism collection! Damn them and their unpronounceable name and very expensive products. I have actually PRACTISED saying their name as they say it on their videos as I previously thought it was Ill-llama-squar instead of Il-lum-ass-kah. 

I like the Eurydice lipstick they've just put on, but it might be because I like the name :D But Apocalips still wins. There's nothing else like that. If I had money, that's what I would buy from them! And their signature Sealing Gel... and the false lashes! If only it wasn't so expensive... but it IS quality and unique.

Check out the whole collection including the new bits added today here:

Yeah.. I want Apocalips. I REALLY do! The whole collection is just jaw dropping when you look at the promotional shots they've done. This is just one of their amazing looks here with Apocalips!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The search for a blush, and smelling like chocolates??

I stumbled across this on the boots website this evening, whilst searching for blushers..
Ok so I don't use bronzer, and possibly never will as it makes me think of bright orange sparkly chavs using it incorrectly, but WHAT?? Chocolate scented bronzer?? Surely it just makes random dogs in the street want to lick you (and menstruating women in desperate need of chocolate) I really must get past my phobia of bronzers! You don't have to look like the cast of TOWIE when you use it, I just grew up in a town fullof people who apparently weren't aware of that, or had bad lighting at their make up tables... or were just unnaturally heavy-handed with products! *sigh* Anyway...

This isn't a new product I don't think, just new to ME. Apparently, upon Googling, there is also a highlighting powder, which is something I might use, but I'm not sure a chocolate fragrance would just interfere with my perfume. I find it a thoroughly odd idea and I'm not really sure why they thought of it...

This post is brought to you because I haven't been arsed to post a proper one for awhile and I felt bad... also this product both amused and baffled me! A friend has since informed me that " It doesn't smell that chocolatey and is a really good bronzer for pale skin." (direct quote) which is good news and as I go to post this it's only £4.99 on the Boots website (and possibly in store too but I can't guarantee that)

I'm searching for a blusher to try still. I've never really worn blush, being of the slightly Goffick persuasion, and very pale I saw of embraced my paleness, and it's only recently dawned on me that blusher doesn't have to make you look like somebody's crazed great aunt with big, obvious bright smears up your cheeks, and a lot of the great make-up looks I admire actually use blush, just properly and subtly and the right shade! 

So, with that in mind, I thought it was time to take the plunge and buy one when I next have free cash. My gut instinct is to go with MAC because I know and love them, and the Tres Cheek collection out right now is fabulous (check it out if you haven't already, there are some lovely shades in a buildable, blendable formula) but then it's My First Blush and I am poor, so I wondered if I should try a cheap brand just to check I like how I look with blush first, and the Barry M ones seem quite popular amongst the blogs, AND I can use my Boots Advantage Card points to buy one and not spend ANY real money! YAY! Of course, I could always get that chocolate powder by Bourjois with Boots points too... if I wanted to!
Does anybody have a blush they'd recommend to an NC15 skinned, blush n00b? I'd like NARS Orgasm in the future as I've heard excellent things about it, and of course, MAC! Oh MAC, so many MAC shades I like. I've also read that crème formulas are best for blending to get a subtle finish, which is the opposite of what I would have guessed! In the short term, I'm leaning towards Barry M or perhaps good ol' No 7. Let me know any advice you have for me on the blush front. I'd love some feedback!

This is the Barry M one I'm liking the look of. Pink Orchid:

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Reviving MAC Lipglasses and Shadesticks

Well, I thought I'd share an experiment with you all. I have two MAC Lipglasses that I love immensely and they have gone "bad". They taste horrible and the vanilla scent has gone. I was particularly devastated as one is Nico that I wore on my wedding day and it's discontinued now. The other is Flashmode which is such an amazing pink, and there's more than half left in both of them!

Firstly I Googled and found this video:

Fabulous idea!

I decided to take it another step as the loss of the vanilla is my biggest issue, so I put some vanilla essence in each lipglass (courtesy of Dr Oetker and the baking section of the supermarket!) and then put the lipglasses in the hot water:

As you can see I slung an Urban Decay Primer Potion in there too, and it worked pretty well to get that going again!

After leaving them in there for some time whilst I washed my hair and drank a cup of tea, I thought they'd probably be about done. I'm a bit crap so I can't give you an exact time. When I pulled them out the consistency had improved greatly, but I have to say my experiment doesn't seem to have improved the taste at all. I wonder if with time the vanilla will infuse better with the whole product? I can hope.

Once again to be confusing you can see I put a (very) old Urban Decay Lip Gunk in with them after I took photos of them stewing in the water. Sorry! Noob blogger fail! But anyway, you can see it looks like new lip gloss!

Finally I decided to extend the experiment. I have three MAC Shadesticks that have dried out a bit. It's something that's happened to many of us I think... bought a Shadestick and forgotten that it clicks TWICE, and if the lid isn't on properly it dries out and it's really hard to get any colour pay-off.

I'd say with this ensure you DO have the lid clicked on properly, and only submerge it below the level of the lid. You don't want water in the product- just the heat. Think of it like a Bain Marie if you do any cooking- the mug is your pan of water, the Shadestick packaging is the bowl in the saucepan and the stick itself is like chocolate you want to warm in the Bain Marie but not get water in it... only you don't want to melt the stick, just warm it through.

Before I put them in, the Shadesticks were all too dry and scratchy to use and there was hardly any colour pay-off. After only 15 minutes in the warm water, it was like this:

I was seriously impressed! Longer may have been better, but too long (or too hot.. make sure it's warm and not hot for this, I'd make it cooler than you would in the video) and it would just be a puddle of Shadestick-ness in the bottom of a tube you couldn't retrieve it from without pouring it out....

So in conclusion, the vanilla restoration project failed. The consistency of the glosses was improved, and it works well still, but I find the flavour pretty repulsive. Perhaps something in it really has gone "off" but it was worth a shot. If it improves over time, I'll report back. The Shadesticks worked amazingly well though! I've not seen any advice to restore Shadesticks to use before now, so I'm very pleased about this.

Let me know if any of this works for you.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Adventures in Eyebrows

My recent "hobby" with my make-up has been experimenting with weird eyebrows. I don't know what started it, but I'm enjoying it! I'll show you some of my previous experiments in time, but for now you can have today's experiment!

I wanted to make it really weird and cybery and used lots of MAC Pure White Pigment and Sugarpill Tiara as a highlighter. 

My lips are MAC Quick Sizzle, from the MAC Shop collection (sold out on the website, but you may still catch it in store somewhere)

My face is covered in NYX Primer (it's good at light reflecting) then my normal MAC foundation to cover imperfections a bit, then I dusted MAC Pure White Pigment over lightly followed with Sugarpill loose Eyeshadow in Tiara as a majorly cybery highlighter.

My eyes have MAC pigment in Mutiny over them, then they're lined with Fyrinnae Biker Chic, and the same, Biker Chic blended into the crease. Up from the crease to the brow there is more of the Pure White pigment.

Brows are Mutiny at the very inner corners, then Electric Eel eye shadow, Bell Bottomed Blue, Full Force Violet, Magenta Madness and Cool Pink pigments.

I made my own mixing medium with water and glycerine (I have a couple of bottles just for this that I got from the baking section in the supermarket; mine are Silver Spoon brand) I don't store it mixed with water as my water won't be "pure" from the tap and would go icky over time, so I mix a bit at a time, as and when I need it, then discard the rest.

Lashes are half lashes from Boholash by Salon Systems in Rhapsody (bargain bin at Sallys...!) These ones:

What do you think? I think the Sugarpill Tiara could work as a more subtle highlighter if you didn't slap it on as much as I did, and would work for a more every day look. Obviously, these eyebrows are NOT an every day look! The inner corner of my brow made me feel a little Vulcan-y, though the outside edge is too soft for that, but maybe that is why I got drawn to making myself look a bit spacey. This is the first time I've used Quick Sizzle "properly" and I think it's not too bad on my skin tone (as much as you can see of it) I wasn't sure when I bought it.

More of my Adventures in Eyebrows will be here in the future, as well as other looks :)

Friday, 6 April 2012


Sorry I've not been updating. I know the blog is still new anyway, so it's probably not missed much, but I've had a family emergency recently which has taken up a lot of time, energy and thought that may have been geared towards this blog otherwise :(

I'm afraid my brother has been very ill and has been in hospital for over a fortnight now. He's had brain surgery twice in that time, and although he was meant to come home a few days ago, they've kept him in because he's been a little ill and they want to be sure.

I'm sure you don't need this level of detail in a beauty blog, but I've had lots of post ideas in my mind, I've had some new products to review, and it's just not quite made it here yet. I'd like to get some of it up here soon, but I'm mentally exhausted at the moment, as you may imagine.

Sorry to any readers (all 7 of you subscribers!!) Normal service will be resumed shortly <3