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Friday, 1 June 2012

New MAC releases for June 2012!

Last night I was checking the MAC UK website as I do regularly (I'm so sad, I do keep checking back for new releases as they don't always release things on dates they say they will!!) and what do I spy but Casual Colour and Beth Ditto?!? YAY!

Beth Ditto
We've also now got Perennial Pinks which has been on the US site for ages now, and Extended Play Lash

I'm still too poor to buy anything which makes me a very Sad Panda, but I love the look of the Beth Ditto Shade and Smoke Shadow Liners, as I'm hoping they're like sort of double ended Shadesticks and I looooove my Shadesticks! From the lipsticks, I love the look of Heart Hangover and Dear Diary, but I probably won't actually buy any this time. Powder to the People is so unique, it really intrigues me... I'm not sure how useful it would be from a practical side, but it is gorgeous! Seeing reviews though, I'm not sure I need it in my life! I'm too poor, but I am hankering for the double ended Shadesticks!

Casual Colour
Casual Colour... well the lip and cheek cremes are the focus aren't they? Everything else is just decoration for those! I'd very much like to try those, but I can't really tell which are the best yet. I need Temptalia to do some full swatches to help me. I can't pick anything unless I've seen Christine's swatches! She's getting through them but they're not all up yet. Thanks Christine! <3 So far I like the look of Have a Lovely Day and Evening Stroll. Lilacs and blue based pinks look good on me, so I was gravitating towards those.

Perennial Pinks are nothing new I don't think (I could be wrong) and well... Extended Play Lash is a mascara *shrug* I have mascaras I'm happy with already!

So, what are you lot thinking about the June releases? And the Diamond Jubilee weekend is starting here in the UK! I should probably do some sort of make-up look in honour of that or something. I'm really not a royalist though!

EDITED UPDATE: from what Christine on Temptalia has said about the Shadow and Smoke liners from Beth Ditto, I had to come back and tell you all to read her review if you're considering them. I've been put right off. :\ *sad panda* I'd probably look like a sad panda too had I bought Little Miss Moffet as I planned!

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