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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Follow up to Urban Decay's Press Release. Q and A

Yes UD, I'm talking about you.
I hate to just copy and paste from another blog, so I won't. Go over to Temptalia for a full Q&A session with Urban Decay. Be warned, fantastic questions asked, and bullshit answers given so you won't learn much other than I'm stroking my chin in wonder about Urban Decay and searching for replacements for their Primer Potion... I think they're being very flaky and I'm not sure I believe anything they're saying right now. I still stand by what I've said before, and I don't agree with their choice to sell in China. I nearly died laughing when they said something about using Social Media to spread their message in China... they clearly don't know that bloggers go to jail in China and bits of Youtube and Google are banned. Freedom of Speech doesn't exist in any form in China.

Epic Fail Urban Decay. EPIC FAIL.

Read here:

I know I refer to Temptalia a lot, but she's my favourite beauty blogger, and most of the time I can't say it as well as she can!

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