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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

An apology and some link love

I'm so sorry I've not been updating here. I've really not been well and I can't keep up with posting on here. There's so many new releases etc I have wanted to discuss on here, but I can't help but feel other places do it better, and I'm just not well enough to keep up with the fast paced beauty world on here, especially since I created a group on Livejournal that has become very popular and requires moderation... (details at the bottom of this post) ***

I don't want to stop blogging, so hopefully this isn't the end of the Fair Fae, but I am having a break.
Please read some of the other great beauty blogs out there instead, for now- they're more reliable and write better than me anyway!

These are some of my favourites:

*** The content there is all members only and membership is moderated. If you come from here and want to join, please let me know in a private message (on LJ)  that you came from The Fair Fae and leave links to your feedback from sites such as eBay or, preferably, . I will also inspect your public LJ posts (well I'll skim!) just to check if you're a pop up scamming page. Thanks! These measures are only because of so much swaplifting and thievery in other beauty related communities. Thankfully, our group is doing well and has had no issues so far *touch wood* I have some excellent mods from all over the globe! 

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