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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Orange Challenge

 Apologies for a lack of posts recently. I've not been very well. I'm still not very good, but I'll try and churn something out for you lot anyway! Sorry if it's a bit of a disjointed blog post, but I'm trying!

Today I'm showing you what happens when you decide to give yourself a real challenge. Pick the colour you think looks the worst on you, then do an entire make-up look based around that colour!

The original idea I had worked on paper on the face-chart and I was thinking of couture and catwalks, and those models that look almost alien. A very pale white face, no eyebrows, no mascara, just orange as a liner above the eyes and orange lips. nothing else. Ideally I'd have an orange wig to go with this, but I don't have one....

My friends on Facebook all agreed this was weird and no, orange doesn't suit me....

I never know when to leave things alone anyway, so after I'd taken the browless photos, I'd already carried on playing around, filled in my brows with an orange, lined my eye with black liquid liner on the bottom, added mascara and then false lashes. Oh and I covered my lids with Sugarpill's loose eyeshadow in Tiara for some shimmer and more wearability.

I still don't suit orange, but it's a little more wearable. Sort of. I'm not rushing out to do anything orange again, but it was fun to challenge myself to do something that went against my normal purples and blues!

To make my orange liner, I put a liner of MAC Chrome Yellow eyeshadow on first, then mixed MAC Neo-Orange pigment with MAC Basic Red pigment and some water, and put that on over the yellow.

I'm fairly sure the Neo-Orange and Basic Red aren't eye safe, so I don't recommend that anyone else does this with those pigments, but I'm a rebel and washed it off pretty quickly.

In fact this agrees with me that no, they are NOT eye safe so do not copy me!

My lip colour was made using a Bobbypin lipgloss mixed with Neo-Orange pigment (again) which is actually lip safe, yay! Then I patted some Crystalled Yellow glitter into it, which I'm fairly sure is lip safe too, but I can't guarantee (if you're not sure, don't try- I recommend doing research yourself)

Eyebrows are also coloured with Chrome Yellow eyeshadow, and the Neo-Orange & Basic Red mix.

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