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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Adventures in Eyebrows THE RETURN!

Hello my lovely fair friends! Sorry I've been lax, I know I apologise a lot, but my health has been a little rough lately. I decided to cheer myself up today by playing with make-up!

Big pouty lips!
I got my Burning Heart palette from Sugarpill last week. Frustratingly, just before the new Heartbreaker palette came out which is gorgeous! When I ordered, however, there was no inkling of them releasing the new shinies, but Royal Mail f***ed up and lost my parcel, and after waiting the six weeks, Sugarpill were really sweet and not only reshipped my order, but they changed my order from Supreme Lashes to Shady Lane Lashes because I'd originally wanted the Shady Lane ones but they were out of stock.. so ultimately I got what I wanted, I just had to wait 7 weeks for it! The second order arrived so quickly though! Royal Mail were a bit rubbish again and left my parcel behind a plant pot in my front garden, and it was only down to sheer luck that my husband found it!

On the left there is the incredibly quick look I did with the Burning Heart palette, MAC Dame blush and MAC Quick Sizzle lipstick.

By the way, I'm aware I look very miserable in all the photos, pretty much! There's one smiley one at the end...
Sorry about the wet hair... it's a warm day!

Anyway! Today I continued my Adventures In Eyebrows! I know. You can barely contain your excitement can you? With my Sugarpill order I got a free sample of Magentrix loose eyeshadow. This wasn't high on my wishlist before, but when I used it mixed with water to draw on brows, it looks quite good when you have pink hair! (Even if it does need bleaching at the roots and redying....)

Products used for this look: 
MAC Lucky Jade Shadestick over the inner corner of the eye and over the upper part of the lid with MAC Bitter and MAC Swimming eye-shadows over it.
MAC Sea Me Shadestick on the lower part of the middle of the lid with MAC Electric Eel eyeshadow over that.
Out corners of the eye have Poison Plum by Sugarpill, and I then used Poison Plum wet to line under my eyes.
To highlight I used MAC Lemon Chiffon Shadestick with Sugarpill Tiara over that.
Finally that yummy Sugarpill Magentrix sample, I used wet (just with water) to line under the Poison Plum line and did the brows.

I love the Shady Lane lashes!
Lashes are Shady Lane from Sugarpill. They are just as beautiful as I dreamed they would be! Lengen....dary..

Oooh I look possessed! It's not a photogenic day today...
I used MAC Azalea Blossom blush ombre on my cheeks, and highlighted with MAC Naked pigment

See? I promised a smile in here at the end!
Lips are MAC New York Apple and I tapped some of that Sugarpill Magentrix sample into them which pulls it all together I think.

Sorry I haven't done my hair in any of the photos. It's a ridiculously warm day today here in the UK so I decided to just wash my hair and leave it to dry on it's own. The idea of using a hair drier or straighteners today was not appealing to me at all! Hopefully I'm going to re-dye my hair soon as well and get rid of those pesky roots.

What do you guys think then? I am in love with the intensity, pigmentation and formula of all the Sugarpill shadows. I practically drooled all over the keyboard when I first saw the Heart Breaker palette too! I will have to start counting my pennies for that!

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