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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sephora UK?

Hello my lovelies! Sorry I've been a bit lax here, but I'm annoyed because the only camera I have right now is in my phone and it's awful, awful quality, and I feel I can't really post anything on here to show colours or swatches or anything accurately. It's a shame because I got MAC Pink Nouveau lipstick in the post the other day, and it really suits my skintone and matches my current hair colour really well and I'd love to do some camwhoring, but the photos I have belong on Facebook and not really anywhere else!

Anyway, I have other news. The other day I decided to contact Sephora as I often see on beauty blogs etc etc that people get stuff from there, and they do seem to have a great range, but do they have UK stores? NO! They have them in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Mexico, France, Canada, Greece and the Czech Republic. So I emailed and aksed if they planned to open any in the UK, and if not, if they shipped to the UK from the US site and I got this response:
Better than nothing, but I DON'T SPEAK FRENCH!!! Google Chrome can translate for me, but it's a bit difficult when the images and Flash animations etc have stuff in French, and I don't really understand Euros tbh. I can work out USD in relation to GBP but not so much Euros... *sigh* I might reply but I'm not sure it's worth it. I suggest if any of you are interested in getting Sephora over here too, that you also contact them, and let them know I sent you! If they see there is demand, maybe they will come around.

Please leave me your thoughts about this and spread the word around. I'm only a little blog right now, but more traffic would be nice! I really think Sephora are losing out here. What did we do to upset them eh?!

*EDIT* I did send them a reply to point out the fact that I don't speak French and to ask why they had no plans to open up here as I believe they would be successful here. Back me up people!

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  1. I wish sephora would come back to the UK. Their products are amazing, dont understand why they dont even have a concession in any of main department stores? So sad, I dont like ordering online- as i want to see the products. So I have to buy what I can when travelling abroad. Really dont understand why they closed ALL the UK branches?!!! :-(