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Saturday, 28 January 2012


Well, another day another blog! I keep starting blogs for all my various hobbies, crafts and obsessions. maybe one day I'll stick to updating one regularly.

Anyway, welcome to The Fair Fae, I'm FaerieEvenstar, and I have been for some time- that's been my name in various places online for so long now, I have people in "real life" who call me Faerie or Fae- even my husband had me listed in his phone as "Fae" until last year! So that's why there's a Fae in the name- I'm probably not going to talk about actual faeries at any point. Fair Fae? Are we playing games here? No, I just looked up "beauty" in a thesaurus as I wanted a blog about my obsession with nail polish and make up, and "fair" came up as a synonym that begins with F and goes nicely with Fae. Yeah, it'll do.

TL;DR This is a blog about make-up and nail polish. Hello.

I'll be back soon with actual photos, reviews and how-to's!

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